You’ll Never Be Ready

You’ll Never Be Ready

I know last time I was here there was mention made of following a white rabbit — but this is much more important!

“I’m sure my lovely subscribers don’t mind,” says the excited spark of inspiration on my shoulder.

I want to talk to you about that thing you want to do.

You know, the project that you haven’t done enough research on; the luminous pulse of inspiration that flares intermittently behind all those beliefs about someone else already having done the thing better than you ever shall.

What is it you are waiting for?

Tell me what calls our your curiosity. Draw me a picture showing the texture. If the colour of it doesn’t exist in your pencil box, sing it to me. Tear a wild gash through the fabric of this perfect dream.

Tear it up, throw the pieces into the wind and follow them like breadcrumbs scattered before a starving soul.

But whatever you do, tell me your story.

You’ll never be ready; do it anyway.

So much love!
Sondra Ann